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Quality " bath " happy bring new move
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Does the sexual life that misses you come bit fresh? You can be enjoyed together with her " of fish and water joyous " . She can release herself completely when shower, because water has some kind of special function that makes a person special loosen. Want to enhance blazing feeling, give your shower spouse an unforgettable experience, try way of one lower part:

Safety first

Put a balata to fill up on the ground beforehand, make your sexy twist has solid foothold thereby, slip in case.

"Brush " to give scintilla

Before beginning, show become enamoured ground to swab the other side with shower first: The woman likes white bubble, shower dew can produce more foam, and use more easily than toilet soap. Allegedly the fragrance of pumpkin can enhance the haemal circulation of male genital significantly, be worth to try.

Clear and logical

The scalp that massages her can make she from the head soft to the foot. Begin from humeral ministry, hold her neck a little a bit smaller position, slip up then the head to her. Can try the shampoo of cucumber flavour, it can raise the female's susceptibility. Perhaps look for a kind of a bit peculiar taste, for instance India " love classics " in mentioned mint.

Crucial moist

The regular meeting of classics of natural and lubricant composition of female body is washed in shower, so a lot of spouses use lubricating oil. Without lube, sexual love is met possibly to her uncomfortable. Attention: The lube of water quality cannot hold to in water too long, can try bases to be the lube of silicon.

Cover subproblem

Colophony installs complete set to be able to be used effectively. If you want to compare the equipment with common a few safer outfit, try to search the mark on label to have " exceed strong outfit " the product of model of written characters. Additional, "Condomanla " Kelikeman reminds the chairman Adam · of the company, must avoid boiled water sheds Dai Anquan to cover, can bring the slippage appearance that complete set drinks water and causes possibly in order to prevent so.

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