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Bath had better not exceed 5 with oil of essence of life
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Busied one day, pulling lack of power body to come home, a lot of people can join oil of essence of life to alleviate when bath tired, although oil of essence of life is the flower that gives from the abstraction in natural plant, but natural do not represent harmless to health.
Oily concentration of essence of life is very high, very can fast pervade aspect by the skin inside, enter haemal circulation, and the constitution of everybody is discrepant, produce a few undesirable body reaction easily sometimes. If rose essence is oily can bate skin, won't cause allergy commonly, but if the skin is in sensitive period, make with rose essence oil the skin appears possibly also red dot. Although citric essence oil has beautiful white effect, but the composition in oil of essence of life and generation of the meeting after sunshine is contacted " smooth poison reacts " , inside body classics biology changes generation noxiousness to make the skin allergic thereby. So, answer when use essence is oily particularly discreet.
Oily manual of general essence of life asks dosage is in " 1 ~ 3 " or " 3 ~ 5 " , but somebody always likes much drop significantly for the effect a few, little imagine, excessive uses oil of essence of life to may be just the opposite to what one wished. If oil of 5 lavender essence drips when bubble bath, can do the before sleeping bath that sleep peacefully, but if drip,entered 10 above, it became a shot in the arm, make you whole also fasten dozy move late. Oil of fish pelargonium essence is used when the mood is irratable, have quiet and calm effect, but with much, can give a mood instead " add fuel to the flames " .
In addition, overspend meets some essence oil to cause certain harm to the body, in oil of essence of lavender home remedy, two kinds of composition take alcohol of acetic acid agalloch eaglewood and agalloch eaglewood alcohol 88 % , and mellow kind like alcohol, excessive is used can cause to liver damage, bring about liver function to drop, sympathetic suffers suppress overly and paralytic, expression rises for blood pressure wait for a symptom. In addition, if the oil of essence of life of home remedy direct daub is on the body, return easy and burnable skin, make the skin nigrescent.
Those who need an attention is, also should notice when use essence is oily ventilated, thinking to close aroma in airtight space is best to the body help, if air is not current, cannot produce due result not only, feel even the body easily unwell.

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