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Qiu Dong bathing weekly is advantageous precautionary skin Sao is urticant
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Autumnal wind is big, temperature and humidity drop, people perspires apparently rarely, sebaceous glands is secreted also decrease, the skin begins to become dry, scurfy grow in quantity, skin Sao itchs disease begins to happen.

Skin Sao itchs disease precaution is more than cure, should take step of the following respects:

1, annual at least one check-up, discover systemic sex disease in time and treat in time.

2, notice life pattern, eat smoke wine and hot food less.

3, all sorts of stimulation that avoid the outside, when Sao itchs, can besmear bit of calamine lotion, avoid to scratch as far as possible catch.

4, the frequency that wash bath should decrease, especially Qiu Dong is seasonal, usually, once a week OK, when washing bath, do not use alkalescent too strong soap and hot water scald.

5, the skin is dry person after can washing bath, skin of embellish of right amount external use is shown.

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