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Convenient and consummate classic pair of popularity faucet when undertaking
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If want to talk simple and cheap, practical, double handgrip faucet does not have the position. But with diversity of beautiful and easy, design, double handgrip faucet had his exalted place inside the exhibition hall that defend bath slowly. The reporter discovers in building materials bazaar, in brand shop of Wei Yu of a few brands, double handgrip faucet is having him to exhibit an area distinctly even. Faucet of faucet of faucet of wave double handgrip, cross double handgrip, lever double handgrip, faucet of ancient typical double handgrip... the salesperson of business of some international brand tells a reporter, the double handgrip faucet of design diversity more and more get the favour of young customer.

From the point of use angle, double handgrip faucet is not quite simple perhaps, but it is exceedingly convenient however. The business that defend bath tells a reporter, the striking feature of double handgrip faucet, distinguish namely left heat is right head of cold two one or two can can part cold hot water directly switch, the person that make use is used more convenient. Double handgrip faucet besides tie-in lavatory, more important is tie-in bath crock. Because, the double handgrip faucet that also has easy elegance only can foil faultlessly come out the nobility of bath crock is comfortable.

As we have learned, price of double handgrip faucet is met faucet of odd handgrip of summary prep above, the both hands of businessman of a few brands decides faucet price in 1000 yuan of above. When consumer buys want to notice when double handgrip faucet: Double handgrip faucet can divide the Kong Hesan that it is sheet aperture two kinds, the pitch between cold hot water of faucet of these two kinds of double handgrip is different: The distance of the handle of cold hot water of odd pitch is 10 centimeters about, the distance of handle of 3 pitch cold hot water is 20 centimeters about. In the meantime, when consumer is buying double handle faucet, whether do returns so that notice oneself are bought lavatory and bath crock stay have opening, whether the pitch with very correct obligate.

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