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The bath of air
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Air bath is to point to nude body or knickers of dress unlined garment the bath in air. At ordinary times when we are wearing normal dress, the temperature of air layer is in between the skin and dress 27 ~ 33 degrees, having heat preservation effect to the body. body skin after strip skin is exposed when bath is being enraged into line space in air, body is expressed to all round medicinal powder hot; The body is balanced to maintain temperature, process yield heat is strengthened, medicinal powder hot process is abate, temperature is used up decrease. Such, through often abiding air bath takes exercise, can improve temperature adjustment function gradually, can better land gets used to the change of air temperature, increase fight cold ability, catch a cold not easily.
The method that has air bath is simple and agile, the place with general choose fresh air, undertake in early morning, wear the dress less as far as possible, coordinate activity of a few sports or manual activity, like ran, gymnastics, hit shadowboxing to wait. Every time time can begin to increase 1 ~ 2 hours gradually from several minutes 10 according to constitution and air temperature. When having fresh gale, big mist or cold current, answer commonly intermit undertakes, cold weather can be in those who pass take a breath of 5 impossible wind is indoor undertake. Winter air temperature is too low and when having air bath, with appearing cold quiver not to appear with the skin gooseflesh is degree. Average time fine and soft is short, with exceeding 5 minutes advisable, bath hind should work to brush and massage the skin.

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