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Bath of sodium bicarbonate bath can prevent consenescence
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The home straps Russia female cytology to Bai Xin period blocks Ya to consider and make clear through oneself practice: Bath of bath of commonly used saleratus, can achieve the goal that delays consenescence.

Why can bath of bath of commonly used saleratus defer consenescence? Because the chemistry of sodium bicarbonate decides,its principle is. The chemical name of sodium bicarbonate calls bicarbonate sodium, dissolve can release many carbon dioxide after water. The carbon dioxide small bleb in water can be soaked and cross pore and cutaneous cutin layer, action is mixed at hemal cell nerve, make blood capillary outspread, blood of stimulative skin sarcous circulates, make cellular metabolism exuberant thereby do not decline.

The chroma that bathes with sodium bicarbonate water with 1 ∶ 5000, water is warm it is beautiful with 40 ℃ .

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