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Bathing chamfer is qualitative thin body is the most businesslike

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Mini Running PM18:3Next 0 small ran use up quantity of heat

Carry kinetic energy raises the body to contain oxygen measure, add good color, carry brace up spirit. Although return the home already tired to want to bend over, a chapel should force him to move 3 times at least, 1 30 minutes, ability lasts thin body, lightsome posture. Resembling is motion having oxygen, can help combustion directly adipose, it is athletic strength strength is the enoughest. The quantity of heat that trots the pace also can use up 150~200 kilocalorie, even if do do housework, same many a little makes a mickle uses up the body redundant quantity of heat.

After remembering motion nevertheless, can fasten temporarily forgot eats madly, that just try hard to waste! Balanced however relatively a few caloric food is tie-in, ability get twice the result with half the effort.

Bath PM 7:30 bathing chamfer are qualitative thin body is businesslike

Go the person that Spa has done thin body period of treatment knows, brush thin body to taste, before massage massage, chamfer is necessary step character. Buy simple product of body system chamfer, a chapel does a chamfer of 1~2 second DIY to pledge in the home, old useless, dry thick cuticular cutin is cleared, not only body skin appears brighter and smooth, follow-up collocation brushs thin body to maintain article, absorb osmotic effect play is bigger.

Some sea salt or the body chamfer with tie-in oily essence are qualitative product, still have enhance the adipose metabolization, additional effect that excludes redundant moisture.

Countermeasure of lightsome beauty body: Law of thin body of get twice the result with half the effort

Chamfer of grain of 1. sea salt is qualitative

Just like accepts simple period of treatment of natural and marine chamfer, pure and fresh and free from worry, contain algal, ocean mineral maintain elite / qualitative frost of chamfer of grain of Mary Quant sea salt

2. is tie-in 3 sponge are brushed

The chamfer that comprises by pearl of natural diamond, crystal quartz, flowing water is qualitative grain, do medical hairdressing like DIY is in the home ' diamond dimension carve ' , 3 sponge brush applicable face, body different position / La Prairie precious gets small carve shine skin frost.

3. light green tea is sweet

The tea when using is sweet, slow mood; Of tea composition add the skin after making chamfer qualitative, soft embellish luster / Kanebo international ark is pure and fresh chamfer qualitative frost.

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