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Bath new era
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The French Revolution 1793, by the guillotine that later ages bad-mouth is most is benefit of its Na Feng. Since it cut Louie after the head of 16, send irremediable, the head cuts more more, cut faster more. But the person that criticize ignored a bit: What it cuts the head below, it is the top on some of wigged, face powder, Tu Xiangshui, cap before one's death the move is big the feather fellow that takes bath inaccessibly. Louie 16 say: "Hope my can be beneficial to French people to death. " result revolution government thinks citizens issue a call, bath of force initiate sanitation. They say: "The nation that bathe wants to be gotten lustily than the nation that does not bathe much. " communal bathroom is very fast flourishing rises. Paris, London, Situjiate... greeted in succession " wholesome times " , soap and water returned people again beside. This moment, be worth the west that heads with England " trade the Crusades " wantonly east during entering. They opened the port of middle east and far east each country forcibly with the armed strength, imported Oriental Turkish bath and Russian Turkish bath in the round in gunboat diplomacy, make the European with one action of 19 centuries kept clear of thereby from mediaeval all scale since. Ma Eryu, Russian type does evaporate, fashionable is in Ying Lun 3 islands and Europe, North America. Most the madams that what be intoxicated at Oriental bath first is British diplomat and them. They are in Istanbul in Egypt, feel wave wave desire celestial being, bone soft flesh is soft, subsequently again also cannot extricate oneself. Unconscious tower ancient madam (England allows to be stationed in Turkey ambassador when her husband) what ever spoke of her again and again to appreciate in Turkish bath room is lively: Be gotten by fuming or steaming-treating diseases with fumes as in moxibustion or with steam generated by boiling medicine herbs in the heat wave that contains thick sulfureous ingredient in vapour room after kubla khah dripping wet, come to the marble table of boiling hot. Lackey rises music of your genu head withstand your bosom, hold you in arms next one exert oneself to do sth, the bone of your whole body and joint immediately the bang in Pi ring. You can sit in edge of cold water basin later, irrigate the body that you heat up aglowly then with cold water. People hand takes fall forward towel is brushed for you Chinese, oiled, sprinkle perfume, support sb with hand you arrive rest in, sit on luxuriant rug to drink a cup of iced fruit juice or it is lemonade. At this moment you are lazy wear lazily with friend prattle, already went out till sweat fully, cool come down. Right now, you can be massaged -- " lie on the transparent stone stage like agate, in aromatic steam cloud and mist, below rose and benzoic bounty, give the finger with address massagist the limbs of wead and limp... (" Junshitandingbao " ) such enjoyment who can be defied? Oriental bath is triumphal the Europe in 19 centuries, should belong to nature. And another of Oriental bath " cousin " -- sauna, be in early also this the Na Weiya peninsula of can plunges into next roots firmly. Finnic the bed that sees sauna so that sleep in the evening than them is even important! One gets married soon li of Finnish youth that establishs line of business, often can hear such admonishing: Build your sauna first, reconstructive your housing, , , , , , , , Finnic the place that water approachs in building their sauna house in the forest, because be in Finnish churchyard, forest, river, laky have everywhere. They build a house with log, couch uses elephantine birch or a flight of stairs inside the room sits is fir is made. Want, in the halcyon forest with eyeful emerald green drop, turpentine firewood is lighted inside sauna house, violet smoke waves in the wind, lakefront now and then transmit water bird one blast Zhao cries; Burn red stone to be irrigated by water, argent water mist diffuses immediately inside house, there is a fragrance of a lumber in heat wave, , , , , , when you evaporate must be connected after body is aglow, walk out of hut, devote into suddenly in cooling cold water, a meeting that surge rise high is in let you feel from inside outside arriving, had looked brand-new, as if full young round! This is sauna can pass through the reason that times and country, one dc goes to nowadays. The sauna that is nowadays only has hidden into concrete building stealthily most in the corner that concealment, also sniff the scent that is less than forest and birch again, also burn no longer turpentine firewood, however canal of high-power electric heat is working, outside and in can see one caboodle piles person pork only just. In the century that in 19 centuries this technology blossoms and bear fruit generally, the craftsman that beats galvanized iron skin people, also the busy family that is Europe makes another bathtub. Machinery makes a trade, studying faucet and toilet bowl in bitter however. Right now Europe family, in the enjoyment that all wallows in to bring them in the technology: Irrigate from bath continous type drench, to the beautiful wine below tap water drive; From bear the low end basin of water disk type, to crock of bath of skin of galvanization galvanized iron. European the time that uses a century, prepared the fundamental technology of a complete set of for modern world. Modernization is the west is changed -- this value standard starts in those day namely. Then Zhang Man drew the range once upon a time in, can see heat devoteds to the householder that the technology reforms, family size is being led to prepare to enjoy the scene of bath in weekly bath day. Whole setting has bit of absurdity it seems that, but be such countless civilian families, supported huge bath equipment market. From that pallet shower in the graph implement, to at present place of a lot of families has some shower facility, short also centenary time, bath is become pure natural technical activity. People opens machinery and electronic facility every day, product of him park technology surround in. Finish half part of a historical period to 20 centuries from 19 centuries, western world constructed giant industry is Caesarean. Technology of this Caesarean believe in is consummate, think the mankind has entered scientific period. It is under powerful industrialized tide concussion, bath kind changes subsequently: Fluid of crock of bath of tap water bibcock, pottery and porcelain, plastic pipe fitting, water heater, bath, shampoo, protect skin hair cream, generator of surf type bathtub, vapour, , , , , , the backside in all these, be " more advanced " , " moderner " frame lives in the move that prop up. Technology changed the person's way of life really, it is however in this kind of change, while enjoyment rate rises, culture content is in it seems that damply. Does people adore water no longer -- water? Tap water, want how to many have! Water name H by science
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