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Sauna center security personnel goes to work by day in the evening " part-time j
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  Property wants less to take a beating

A day of this year July, before dawn time, a lady goes on the railroad near auroral village by oneself alone, abrupt, a few when jump out from ahead black shadows blocked her outlet, "Stop, the thing is handed over come! " black shadow holds dagger, swing a stick, all over the face fierce look, the lady is frightened slow-wittedly at once stand in place, allow to reave oneself handbag by the other side. Plum of 1 packet of 3 1 yuan of money, one-time lighter, words, return some cosmetic -- the without what worthy thing in the bag, black shadow people be ashamed into anger, the lady cruel after be being hit, carrying the thing swagger off in the handbag all the same.

It is a day of before dawn, near Dong Hua village, when a drunk wine man sits in street edge sober up, be held by a group of man the knife is robbed, he is lucky without that lady, 606 yuan of cash that go up personally are gone by all search...

At dead of night, rob a suspect to hold lethal weapon, search lone man or female technically to regard a helper as the target, division of labor of a group of person is clear, somebody is in charge of covering the victim's mouth in case its cry for help, somebody holds lethal weapon menace, the person of the others is wanton rob property. Suspect method is fierce and cruel, the person that be robbed is not by loot one sky, because property passes,be hit less to get bruise again and again namely.

Period of time comes, frequent haunt greets this group of suspect newly, the circumjacent area such as Jin Ma and auroral village, make the does not go ghost movie of the brandish in nocturnal pedestrian heart for a time almost. And strange is, very few however somebody reports a case to the security authorities to police in numerous victim.

   Uncover of nocturnal make one's rounds robs a gang

The day before yesterday before dawn zero hour is made, pan Long public security divides the policeman of police station of bureau Dong Hua to patrol to Bai Long when road and mouth of across of railroad of elder brother river, ahead appears suddenly doubtful evidence: Two men go together originally, see part quickly however after the policeman, pretend each other is not acquainted. The interrogate before the policeman goes up instantly, the 2 people that look flustered begin to give an irrelevant answer, incoherent. Through ransacking, discover on two person a dagger swings a stick with respectively. Subsequently, they are brought back police station accepts investigation.

Rob from time to tome in the light of along the line of the railroad inside near future area under administration case the situation that produce, police establishs case group the same night dash forward careful: 2 suspects explained them this year 7 to the guilty fact between August.

"The member affirmation that commit the crime is more than 2 people, continue careful! " after case group analyses research according to the case, the decision increases the strength that tries enlarge line to 2 suspects, as expected, by the 5 people composition, dacoity that the organization has division of labor the gang rose to surface one.
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