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Home sauna industry leaders to combat cottage LG brand Mulberry
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National pastime in this era of "cottage" is no longer negative, many people even talk of this as a dig, its beating the drums, but to focus on new research and development of domestic small and medium enterprises, the "cottage" is hundred percent negative, once the R & D products are cottage, which means that companies invest in R & D products, hard technology, product design, are facing the danger of vain, and if legal action is often difficult to face the gathering of evidence, financial staff shortages the problem, so how to deal with "cottage" top challenges for many SMEs, but the home sauna equipment manufacturers of domestic music Sang gold, taking advantage of the crisis to accelerate the process of upgrading and restructuring of enterprises. Home sauna advocates face a "cottage" siege Sang LG sauna as an advocate for the domestic household, first developed a portable sauna sauna LG series, portable sauna because of its affordable, portable and easy folding does not occupy the space, together with Sang LG company has spent great efforts to channel promotion, popular in the country for a time, many orders, but also at this time, many cottage brand swarm, trying to occupy the home portable sauna on the market, "cropped up at many of the country overnight imitate, look like We are almost the price cheaper than us, then a lot of pressure. "Sang said LG marketing personnel After careful research, they found that most of the market shoddy imitation goods, die poor, the details are very rough work, including the electronic components inside the equipment are based on inferior material. "Many consumers do not understand the generic san buying LG products, the user experience is poor, this poor experience but it will come back to our own brand, the brand is a very heavy blow." Edge technology upgrade designed to speed up rights crisis edge "as a" machine " Faced with this dilemma, Sang LG side actively seeking legal support on the one hand the adjustment of product strategy. In addition to speed up the improvement of production technology of portable sauna and core technologies, active communication with dealers, end-to stabilize the market in sales, it also accelerated the new technological innovations, such as the far infrared sauna technology into a portable sauna, improved product technology content, but also expanded its product target population. And Sang LG portable steam sauna room outside in addition, another flagship product, far infrared sauna has long occupied an advantageous position in the market, they further accelerate the research with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other authoritative bodies, far infrared sauna technology is the hot core materials, through technological improvements, heating material-ray wavelength of precise positioning, while more high-end in order to meet the needs of people, they also brought in experienced electrical R & D and technical personnel, to overcome the technology integration problems, the car audio-visual equipment, reading lamps, SPA Hong smoked, and many other features to relax into the far-infrared sauna to go, won the high-end market, so far, the far infrared sauna room sold at home and abroad, the international market with Wal-Mart, Home Depot and other large stores abroad signed a supply agreement, the domestic market, such as first-line home improvement stores in the Macalline set up franchise stores, the market prospect is bright. Difficult for SMEs rights, Sang LG can be described as a cottage crisis into opportunities to the template, with the cottage, to speed up product upgrading process technology, and explore new market demands, it not hit small and medium enterprises cottage managers a way out, but also hoped that relevant departments to stand up for these contributed 60% of employment opportunities in China to provide legal and technical SME support and encouragement, to help them through the pain "is in transition."

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